I still have to prepare four potential essays for my History exam tomorrow, study the History stuff (including skimming through all the readings because half of the last exam was stuff not covered in my notes), look through all of my notes for American Literature and make sure I’m super familiar with them since I’ll have to write an essay and do quote identification for that midterm, look over my Theatre notes and make sure I have all the important terms memorized because there will be fill-in-the-blank with no word bank on that midterm, and now I have to go to a 30-45 minute meeting for the one act play I’m in and sit through the read-through even though my role is only in like the last three pages and has zero lines.

I’m dying, just in case you all couldn’t tell.

“its britney bitch” — the bible (leviticus 7:58)


also please stop acting like bi people wanting a character to be bi instead of gay because they’ve had past relationships with another gender is so awful and homophobic. yes, irl people do have relationships with other genders before they come out, that’s fine, but a good deal of the time when FICTIONAL CHARACTERS do this, it’s an act of bi erasure by biphobic writers and that needs to be acknowledged too.

and maybe, idk, bi people relate to that character specifically BECAUSE of their history w/ different-gender relationships and we want to be represented too?? wow incredible who would have thought

no one is saying that character can’t be gay, i’d rather any character be gay than straight, but if you shoot down any suggestions of that character being bisexual bc you think it’s homophobic for them NOT to be gay or that they’re ~validating the male gaze~ or whatever bullshit, please go away and rethink ur life choices






Half-blood Prince, ch. 6, p. 117-8. Fred giving Hermione bruise ointment for her punching telescope accident. (requested by missykitkat)

JK Rowling said that she was originally planning on having Fred and Hermione end up together.

for some weird reason i could totally see Fred and Hermione together and now i am crying

instead she killed him off

shut up

Writing an essay on William Apess’ “An Indian’s Looking-Glass for the White Man,” and it makes me so sad that everything he says about race to convince white people of how racist they are is still relevant today. Like, this was written almost 200 years ago, and we’ve just barely gotten less racist. It’s disgusting.

Why are there suddenly annoying ass shippers in The Walking Dead fandom? I’ve never been a big part of TWD fandom despite watching the show since the pilot aired, but I just went into the tags to see the reactions to the most recent episode and there is all this childish shit like “Daryl doesn’t even give a fuck about Beth because he brought Carol with him to find her HA” and “literally no one gives a shit about Beth. No one even asked about her. No one cares.” (There was a voiceover with Daryl and Maggie discussing Beth in last week’s episode? Did I make that up or something?????)

When the fuck did this show become a show with ship wars? There is so much more to it than ships, people, jfc. Stop acting like twelve years old.

I swear to God, looking at TWD tag, I suddenly felt like I was sucked into the Glee fandom, and that’s somewhere I never want to be again.

Get it together, people.